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October 2010
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Absolutely Alice (inspired) franken is having a sale right now, which some craaaaazy good prices on a bunch of British polishes that I’ve never really tried before. I was going to make a mega-order, and oh look, they also have Absolutely Alice for lower-than-eBay prices, so I threw that in too and this is exciting! I had a cart with 24 polishes, I pull the trigger, and oh wait. wants me to remove ALL of the polish from my cart because it’s not able to be shipped to the US. AND I AM USING THE NEW US SITE. Grrrrrr.

Absolutely Alice was stuck in my head then, so I decided to franken myself a version of it. Well, I actually have never seen AA in person, so I imagine this is pretty far from the actual polish, but I know it’s blue glitter and gold glitter, and that I can TOTALLY do.

I love these Art Deco striper glitter polishes for frankening. The glitter is tiny and they come in a zillion colors! Some of them are glitter suspended in a clear base, like this blue one, and some of the others are a seriously opaque base with lots of glitter, like the Red Glitter one. Also, when you franken with a glitter polish as opposed to adding glitter to a clear base, it doesn’t settle, so SCORE! Anyway, I took a full .25 oz bottle of Blue Glitter and about half a bottle of Gold Glitter, and dumped them into an empty bottle. It wasn’t really opaque enough for me, so I added a few drops of Ruby Kisses Caribbean. I like the way it turned out!

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