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October 2010
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Risk - Out To Party set

OK, today I have swatches of the first Risk set I bought the other day at Ross. And I have to say that I adore them all. All of these polishes went on like a dream. The formula was excellent to apply, I wore the gray one for 3 days with no chips and minimal tipwear, and the brushes were great (though not flat as the package claims – that still bugs me). 2 coats on each, and they dried quickly. All of these had a jellyish quality about them. I LOVE these.

Suede Pumps

This is one of those polishes that goes on beautifully on the first coat, and it’s a gorgeous color, but too streaky so it needs another coat. Then when you apply that second coat, it becomes much too dark. It’s nice, but the purple tone was lost almost entirely and it became more of a gray.

It just wasn’t exciting me on the day I wore it, so I added a coat of CND Amethyst Sparkle. Now THAT is more like it!

A Lotta Cash

Lovely! dark but still obviously green.

Bold Blouse

This reminds me of the Diamond Matte Mulberry. This is not a color that would ever draw my eye, but I think it may be my favorite. <–that’s a note I wrote as I swatched. these. This was the third one I swatched. I noticed as I kept swatching all 3 sets that I found a new “favorite” with almost every polish I tried. Anyway, this is a REALLY pretty bright mulberry color.

Reddy To Go

This is a BRIGHT red. Even more jellyish than the others, so I stopped at two coats although there’s still a bit of VNL. I don’t believe I would achieve opacity with this one.

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