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October 2010
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Risk - Some Like It Rich set

OK, round two of the (Tres?) Risk sets I got at Ross. Round one here.

This is an odd set. The polishes look metallic in the bottles but they’re sort of not really, and the colors are bland and boring. OR SO I THOUGHT! Once I applied them, POW! Love! I had a hard time describing the finishes. These are shimmery and glittery and metallic-y…but they’re also very unobtrusive. It’s like wearing molten metal on my nails. Again, two coats on each of these, and they were a joy to apply.

This Bronze’s For You

This one might be my least favorite of all 12 polishes. It’s nice enough, but boring. A dark brown shimmer basically.

Buy Gold

This is like a dull brassy color. And despite that lukewarm description, I REALLY like it. It’s very shimmery, not too brushstroke-y, and the color is very unique. Another favorite.

Sequins Of Events

See what I mean about the boringness of this collection? I considered not getting this set at all, but I’m SOOO glad I did. This color is so not me, I only like brights! But somehow this polish is unique and cool. I’d call it a true taupe. It’s so sparkly!

You’re A Gem

I don’t even know how to describe this one. It’s not exactly a foil…but it’s not just a shimmer, either. And it’s also not metallic! I’m at a loss here. But the color is a gorgeous mauve. This is another favorite of mine.

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