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October 2010
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Risk - Glamorous Life set

OK, the last of my Risk sets. And, this is my FAVORITE one! I gushed about the first two sets, I know, but omg, this one is AWESOME. I am really very impressed with everything about these and I’d advise everyone to try to find them. All of these were two perfect coats. (As were the other two sets – that is unheard of reliability!) See the other sets here and here.

Silver Spoon

This looks exactly like graphite from a pencil. It’s…shiny DARK DARK DARK gray, a little darker than my picture shows, to be honest. Slightly brushstroke-y.

Satin Gown

OK, this one is seriously my favorite. It looks like an emerald green, but the shimmer is very very bright, and gives it sort of a blue tone. Teals makes me want to throw up normally, but I really want to go back and apply this one RIGHT NOW as a full manicure.

Midnight Cruise

I”m running out of words to describe these polishes again. This one, I assumed from the bottle would be exactly like every other polish of this color – dark toned, bright shimmery metallic midnight blue, boring. But it’s NOT. It’s got this crazy shimmer running through it, and it just GLOWS. OK, I think THIS one is my favorite, not Satin Gown.

Secret Passion

I thought this would be a foil, but it’s…not. It’s a pink toned purple with silver glitter…except it’s not glitter. But it’s not shimmer either. I don’t know, but it’s gorrrrrgeous!

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