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October 2010
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Fun With CND Sparkling Holiday Effects

I love the CND Effects polishes. Love love love love love. This set, which seems to be Christmas-themed, has a silver and a gold. And oddly, they’re called Gold Sparkling and Silver Sparkling, which seems like an odd naming convention after all the other ones were named Sparkle instead of Sparkling. Whatever.  Look how cute!

First, I want to say that these are REALLY difficult to take pictures of. I find that most glitters are, the glitter particles tend to lose the sparkle in the light and look more like dark flecks.

OK, so this is Silver Sparkling. This one is so awesome. LOVE IT. It adds just a tiny bit of neutral sparkle, not too obvious, and it looks great on every polish I tried. And I tried a bunch. :) I also found that it adds an even more subtle bit of sparkle when applied UNDER a jellyish polish…but I could not get any pictures to turn out right.

top: China Glaze Phat Santa
middle: China Glaze Little Drummer Boy
bottom: China Glaze Jolly Holly

And Gold Sparkling over the same polishes. I actually am not wild about this one. The glitter is more sparse than in Silver Sparkling, and it’s holo.

top: China Glaze Phat Santa
middle: China Glaze Little Drummer Boy
bottom: China Glaze Jolly Holly

But wait! You might be thinking that this is similar to China Glaze Golden Enchantment (which I also don’t really care for)! And well, you’d be right. They’re exact dupes, I’d say.

So, since I don’t believe that these polishes can be bought separately, I would say that the set is definitely worth getting just for Silver Sparkling. Seriously, I have 6 other Effects, and I really like them, but Silver Sparkling is the best. And there’s nothing really wrong with Gold Sparkling either, it’s just not as great as the silver.

Also, this makes me want to eBay the Teal Sparkle set (which I’ve been debating on for forever and which was out of stock when I was finally ready to pull the trigger on an order) and Sugar Sparkle, which I actually NEVER saw for sale anywhere. I’ve really been wanting it but I never saw it on any website, it was weird.

Anyway, I’m off to go make a Zoya order, it’s promo code time again! I love Zoya’s marketing people.

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