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October 2010
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omg hauls

OK, so I’ve been on an unofficial low-buy lately, and I’ve been doing really well. But then…the past couple of weeks I went a little crazy. I have accumulated so much STUFF!

From CVS, the Color Craze Metallics set. These have no names on them, which irritates the crap out of me. Also Confetti Tiara, because I hear it’s a good base for glitter frankens. I’m glad to see that Confetti is being restocked, I wonder whatever happened with that whole lawsuit deal…

From the recent Zoya promotion, 3 of these were free! And I do mean RECENT. I think I ordered these on Saturday. I received them on Wednesday!

  • Crystal – love.
  • Delilah – I suppose I could use a red glitter from every brand in existence!
  • Shawn
  • Trixie
  • Raven – I thought this was just black, but it seems to have a line of shimmer running through it

After trying out the CND Silver and Gold Sparkling Effects set, I simply HAD to search out Teal Sparkle and Sugar Sparkle on eBay. I LOVE  CND Effects! The display box is enormous, much bigger than the Silver and Gold set, oddly.

CND Sweet polish and Sugar Effect.

From Walgreen’s while trying to find Sequin Scandal for a swap:

  • Snowmen polishes!! a teal foil and a holo glitter. ADORABLE.
  • Sally Hansen Blue Icing – holo round and bar glitter, awesome!
  • Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac – very shimmery and pretty
  • Sally Hansen Purple Gala – this has that chunky glittery duochrome finish that we’re seeing a ton of lately
  • Borghese Mediterraneo Sea – what’s the deal with this name?I can’t tell if that’s an italian word, or they just ran out of space on the bottle. This is gorgeous, though it still irritates me that Borghese is so expensive.

From Walmart, of course. Honestly I got these for the bottles, I love to display cute polish bottles. I fully expect the actual polishes to suck though, especially the orange one – that sort of curly bar glitter thing NEVER works out. No names on these.

My first BB Coutures tagged along while getting polishes for a swap. After wearing one of them for a day and preliminary swatching of the rest, I now understand the hype.

  • Cleopatra
  • Blue Collar
  • Impact Driver
  • Golf Pro

My mom picked these up for me at Five Below cause she thought I’d like them. Awww!

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