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November 2010
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BB Couture - Golf Pro

Omigosh, this is so beautiful. It’s the perfect strong, slightly muted green, and then…there’s shimmer/very fine glitter! It does remind me of the color of a golf course. At least, the color of a golf course in my imagination, because BOR-ING! It applied beautifully as well, just like my other BBCs. Love! 2 coats.


a few Borgheses

Good Lord scary cuticles!

Almondine, 3 coats.

This is such a weird polish. It’s a very light nude, almost skin color on me, but it’s also got some pink shimmer running through it. Plus, it’s got what appears to be darker, tiny glitter in it, too. Weird. I can’t decide if I like it […]

scroll down quickly for a beautiful polish!

Today I’m going to show you one terrible picture of the false nails I applied, which you should really scroll past as quickly as possible, and then I’ll show you a pretty pretty blue polish, ok?

So yeah, I broke a nail the other day during our little kitchen emergency, so I filed them […]

Some recent hauls

First, I got the Urban Decay Summer Of Love set from Hautelook a few weeks back:

THEN, I found an awesome blogsale site, In particular, this sale. OMG, if I wasn’t on a low-buy I’d have cleaned her out! Plus, she was sooo nice, she responded and shipped quickly, etc. It […]

I'm in the mood for a contest!

So let’s do it, shall we? Now that Thanksgiving is over and we’ll be putting up our Christmas tree this weekend, I need to try to get into the Christmas spirit. Plus, I’m hoping that other people’s Christmas manicures will inspire me!

Now, there will be two ways to win.

1st And Most Awesome […]