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November 2010
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Stupid Color Club Reds From Ross

Now, these aren’t stupid because of the polishes – the actual polishes are great. And I’ve never once had a problem with wonky caps/brushes in the Ross sets. The problem is that this isn’t a real collection (as far as I can tell) and the polishes aren’t labelled, so I have NO IDEA what they are. And that creates a dilemma for me, because my rule is that polishes stay on my untried shelf until I take pics and post them. But what good is posting pictures of polishes when I don’t know what they are?? Plus the shades are soooooo close to each other, my swatches will all look the same. So I’ve compromised: I swatched them on a nail wheel, and shoved them in my red drawer.

Yeah, these are all extremely similar, except for the glitter one. It’s even hard to tell my swatches apart!!

OK, from left:

1: medium red jelly

2: red glitter a la Ruby Pumps. I think this must be Ruby Slippers

3: very bright orangey red creme

From left:

4: medium red with gold shimmer

5: the darkest of them all, a red jelly. Very similar to number 1 above. This one is maybe a shade darker

6: orangey red creme, extremely similar to number 3 above. It may even be the same polish

7: the other shimmer. Lighter and more sheer than number 4

Well, this post sucked, but at least I feel ok about throwing these in my red drawer now because I didn’t break my rule about untrieds!

19 comments to Stupid Color Club Reds From Ross

  • Leigha

    THANK YOU for speaking out about this! I absolutely refuse to buy anymore C.C. polishes from Ross. Every collection has come so messed up and I know my Color Clubs. Been a long time fan and collector. At Ross, one set I purchased the polish pealed right the heck off the same day. Yeah those caps and brushes are terrible, no names on the bottles. Garbage, to me it’s flat out cheating us.

    I was there yesterday and collections there I have here at home (the real stuff purchased from real sources) flat out did not match the colors named. For example Untamed Luxury… the polish the collection was named after is supposed to be teal glittery yummyness which I have. In the Ross package it was a plain dark brown as was most of the others. What bothers me even more is bloggers who actually brag about their finds and push people to hurry up and go buy them before they are gone. They are pushing factory garbage and Color Club cheating their fans.

    So thank you for being brave enough to be honest and warn people about these collections. I have returned exactly 4 collections to Ross and I continue to see this junk hit their shelves.

    • Jeannie

      yeah, those seem to be common problems with the Ross sets, I think. I haven’t really had any of those problems personally, but I have noticed that sometimes the colors aren’t exact. I think they’re “off” batches of polish, really.

  • I just purchased this set at Ross but my first one is a clear polish. I don’t have that orangey red one in my set. I’m just starting to like reds. So disappointing not knowing the names. Maybe I’ll name them myself. Lol!

  • I bought this same exact set at Ross! Thanks for the swatches. Hopefully you will be able to find out the names, I want to know as well. It’s so annoying not knowing the names to the polishes! :(
    But for the price I will not complain 😀

    • Jeannie

      Well I will!!!! :) Really, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to definitively find out the names fro online swatches, short of buying all the Color Club reds that seem similar and comparing, which totally defeats the purpose of getting these cheaply!

  • OMG!!…I bought this set too!!…then I came home and tried to research the names…and i found out that this isn’t a real collection!!…boo!!…and because not knowing the names would bug me!!…especially knowing that they HAVE names…I returned the set…:(

  • They’re all really pretty, but yes…no names – that sucks!

  • Thifa

    Wowwww those are perfect reds!

  • The orangey one must be Sexsea.

  • I really don’t think this is a real set. I’m thinking Color Club messed up the formula and instead of dumping them. They put other brush caps on the bottles, packaged them up and sent them all to Ross. I would call them irregulars. Just my 2 cents.

  • Jennifer

    I get those Color Collections from Ross, too! I’ve got 4 of them. When I turn the package around the names & numbers are in the lower left-hand corner 1-2 inches in from left. Usually there are two columns, start at the top of the left one and read down then go to the right column. The names in that order match up to the bottles (when you face them) left to right. Happy polishing!!

    • Jeannie

      Thanks! Sadly though, that only works when the package matches the polishes inside. :( This particular one is in the Dance To The Musique box!!!!!!

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