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November 2010
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some Kleancolors

Of course these STINK. This doesn’t even smell like nailpolish. Do we know what this smell is? I mean, even old ass non-B3F polishes I have from the 90s don’t smell anywhere close to this bad. It kinda scares me – what in the WORLD could be in these polishes?

I feel like I need to apologize for my swatches, too – I had been swatching for a while and apparently I had worn a red which I now see stained my skin. :(

Cappuchino, 3 coats.
I got this cause my collection needs more browns, but this is kind of a gross color. It’s got a lot of red in it, and it looks rotten on me.

Concrete Gray,
1 coat.
ONE perfect coat, awesome color. I love grays!

Dark Brown, 2 coats.
This one also has a slight reddish tint to it, but it’s much less gross than Cappuchino. Love that imaginative name!

Fashionista, 2 coats.
Awesome! I’d compared this to some other polishes before, but never actually worn it before this. Such an awesomely ugly color.

Neon Sapphire, 2 coats.
Ohhhh I love this. It’s dark blue but not TOO dark. I really love this one.

Chunky Silver, 1 coat over Neon Sapphire.
This was kind of neat over the lovely blue polish. Kind of hard to get the sequins to distribute evenly on the nail though.

Sparkle Purple, 3 coats.
Well, this one’s a dud. It will never be opaque, so I gave up. I think because of how chunky the glitter is, it wouldn’t even be a very good layering polish, either. Pretty color, though.

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