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November 2010
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scroll down quickly for a beautiful polish!

Today I’m going to show you one terrible picture of the false nails I applied, which you should really scroll past as quickly as possible, and then I’ll show you a pretty pretty blue polish, ok?

So yeah, I broke a nail the other day during our little kitchen emergency, so I filed them all down to nubbins. And I hate it so much. So I thought, “hey, I have all these false nails hanging around here that I normally can’t wear, so it’s the perfect time!” I think that my nail beds are fairly long and thin, so any false nails I find are always too short unless my nails are…well, this length. I really don’t know if the reason I have problems with fakes is user error or mishapen nails…though actually the Claire’s nails I tried were absolutely perfect, so I guess good fakes for me do exist. Anyway, I got terrible terrible bubbles with these. And I always do, actually, everytime I apply false nails. As soon as I saw the bubbles and the moisture that was forming inside them, under the false nail, a countdown started of how long I could bear to keep them on while imagining all the germs and funguses that were growing on my nails. I lasted about 5 hours I think. And then during the removal process, I vowed to never wear false nails again. I HATE soaking my nails in acetone, it takes forever, feels gross, makes a mess, and is just awful.

These are the Nailene “Tweed” nails. If you click the picture for the huge version, you can see the moisture forming, but really, why would you want to?

OK, and now the beautiful polish I promised you! Revlon Streetwear Splash is absolutely gorgeous, and has vaulted right into my top 10 polishes list (one of these days I’m going to have to make that a real list instead of something I pretend to keep in my head).  Anyway, this shade of blue feels serene and calming to me. It’s super shimmery and I. LOVE. IT. Slightly brushstroke-y, but you know what? I don’t even care. This may not be a popular opinion, but I find that a lot of the Streetwears are sheer and iridescent and kinda gross. But this one was perfect in just two coats! Totally bums me out when I only notice in my pictures that my application was messy, though.

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