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December 2010
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China Glaze – Groovy Green

Groovy Green is a very, very, very light green. It is the lightest a green can possibly get. And it’s very pretty! I find myself wishing, though, that it was more jellyish somehow, considering how sheer it is. Actually the reason I chose this one to wear was because my nails are so short that I basically have no nail line at all – I knew it would show through. It’s not a polish that you can rush the application on, or it will be a streakfest, too. This is four coats, and totally worth it. This is such an unusual polish!

I’m terribly embarrassed about the state of my cuticles in this picture. I often see other bloggers apologizing about their cuticles, and I look, and I don’t really see anything wrong. But this…this is terrible and I’d advise you to not click on this picture to make it bigger! I need to get off my ass and buy some more Cuticle Eraser, but it’s such a pain cause the only place I know of to get it is like, Trans Design, which kinda means I have to make a whole order.

Please enter my contest, so I don’t feel like a loser on the day it ends!

2 comments to China Glaze – Groovy Green

  • You can find Cuticle Eraser on ebay, might be slightly more than TD but you can just get one thing!

    • Jeannie

      Ha, thanks! After I posted that last night, I did check eBay, and there were tons. I swear when I first discovered Cuticle eraser, I could NOT find it on eBay at all and ended up having to buy it from the now closed Trade Secret.

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