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January 2011
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Christmas hauls

OMG I am sooooo backed up on stuff I need to post. I’m going to get through as much of it as I can tonight though. I’m also looking forward to having absolutely nothing to do tomorrow, cause I want to reorganize my stash and perhaps try to put some in the swap pile too. I’m out of room! My 3 melmers are getting way too full for my comfort. Anyway, take a look at what I’ve acquired lately!

This stuff I got for Christmas, as gifts:

Crackle polishes from my sister. I think she got these on eBay.  And I love them! I’ve been wearing the blue one over silver polish for like…5 days, and I’m not tired of it at all!

The blue one works a bit better than the yellow, probably just cause the yellow is harder to see over other colors. Anyway, I like these so much that if I wasn’t anticipating the China Glaze Crackle Glaze collection in a few weeks, I’d be buying all the other colors that are available. And I still probably will, actually, get the colors that don’t overlap ChG colors.

The $OPI sample set! This is so cute, I was so excited to get it! It was a pain in the ass for my mom, also, because her order was cancelled as out of stock a few days after she ordered it online, and they had to call around to other stores and try to find one in stock somewhere.

Then, here’s a mix of stuff I’ve gotten at Rite Aid, CVS, and several different Sally’s. My goodness, that 50% off clearance sale that Sally’s has been having for the last week makes me so happy. If I wasn’t suddenly extremely broke, I’d have forced politely asked The Cute Boyfriend drive me to every Sally’s in the area, and there are like 4-5.

OK, the “Shades Of The Season” set from one of the drugstores. This is such an annoying picture to post because it’s such a weird shape.

  • China Glaze mini peppermint cuticle oil – I already have a full sized one, but mini ChGs are just so damn cute!
  • Orly Lunar Eclipse
  • Orly Out Of This World
  • Borghese Menta – this was the only one of these that I absolutely had to have, at the jacked up Borghese drugstore prices

Take THAT, Orly! It made me kinda happy to see that there were TONS of the Cosmics left at the Sally’s nearest me, because I don’t believe these should have had such a high retail price, and I’m glad to see that apparently they didn’t sell very well at that price. At the normal Orly price, I’d most likely have already bought them all.

  • Finger Paints Mulberry Madness
  • Finger Paints Winter Wishes – I wasn’t interested in this one till I saw it in person. Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s not just a white.
  • Finger Paints Holly Good Time – this is so original! Love it.

I now have all but the green one (seemed too close to Emerald Sparkle) from the Finger Paints Holiday collection this year. Really nice collection IMO.

  • China Glaze Midnight Kiss – very nice gold. I wish I’d found the other gold from this collection too!
  • China Glaze Coconut Kiss – I got another bottle of this for a swap and it was so pretty I had to get my own. This was free in this months’ B2Go sale
  • China Glaze Cheers To You – another awesome foil, I love this one

I’ve been wanting these false nails ever since Scrangie showed them to us on her blog a while ago! The Ridgefiller was free for buying the two Orlys above.

  • Finger Paints Just Plum Fun – kinda boring, tbh!
  • Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe – this kind of has the same finish as the Cosmic Effects collection…
  • Finger Paints Merry Mittens – such pretty glitter in this one, even though i normally skip the reds and pinks
  • China Glaze Ruby Deer set – the reindeer plushie is SO CUTE! And Sugar Plums is a lot prettier that I thought it would be after seeing swatches, too.

Oh, and just cause I took pics of these ages ago, the stuff I got when Zoya was doing that B2G1 Christmas set promotion thing a few months (?) ago. I haven’t really used any of this yet, but I shall review when I do! You never hear anything really about Qtica stuff.:

Mandarin Honey flavored lotion, shower gel, and foot scrub, with a scrubby glove thing. Smells super good, and WOULD make a good gift.

I’m not sure I need a nail growth stimulator because I don’t have problems with my nails growing slowly, but I was totally interested in the cuticle balm. That’s the only one of these products that I’ve been using so far, and so far the results aren’t very good. However, I don’t think I can formulate an accurate opinion until this winter cold dry skin thing goes away. My cuticles are in awful shape and not even my old standbys are helping.

The mini Color Lock system. Cuteness overload, they’re tiny and adorable! This seemed a good way to try Color Lock without dropping $50, and was actually en entire reason I made these purchases.

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