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January 2011
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Some greens

One small thing first: I have started a twitter account! It’s not really as exciting as it sounds, I think, because I’m not sure how to use it yet. Twitter is confusing! Anyway, aside from being puzzled by the @s and #s and twitpics and those links, it’s a little odd to be saying things…to myself, it seems. It’s somehow more jarring than talking to myself on this blog, even. :) My twitter name is mylatestobsess, though, so, follow me if you’d like!

I’m trying like crazy to get caught up. To be honest, I’ve not been posting lately as much as I’d like. I wear polish, I take pictures, I leave them on my camera card, I never post them – that’s my pattern lately. So today was spent cropping pics, and the next few days will be posts full of random polishes! I intend to post more regularly too…and I REALLY want to work through some of my darn untrieds. So let’s call that my New Year’s resolution!

Wet n Wild – Mint Fusion, 3 coats.
This was really pretty! A little chippy, as you can see. Gorgeous shimmer!

Essie – Sew Psyched, 2 coats.

Oh my, I loved this one.

Loreal – Water’s Edge

Yeah, this one’s not exactly green, but it’s the greenest of the polishes in this collection. Very beautiful, very bright. I see now why the Essie dupe is so hard to find!

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  • OOH that last one is so pretty – I might have to get my hands on a bottle of that too! As for Twitter… I don’t know what I am doing either.. lol I just got it about a month ago and I think I have 1 follower, so I don’t do much tweeting. But you def. got another follower with me :)

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