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January 2011
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I’m so proud of myself this weekend! I added a ton of stuff to the wiki, including 5 collections I’d never heard of before and 14 polishes I didn’t know about! I also figured out how to add references and redirects. :) New polishes include The Rush, Winter Spice, That Look, Barefoot In The Park, Walk On The Wild Side, and Footloose. Of course, I can’t actually find much information about them, they seem pretty obscure, but at least they’re ON the wiki for now, so I’m happy.

I also did a bunch of swatching (32 polishes OMG!) and that included swatching all my untried China Glazes. It’s been a huge nail weekend for me! It’s good also because China Glazes take up a ton of room on my untried shelf. I want my untrieds to be GONE. I learned, in this marathon swatching session, the importance of using cuticle oil after every swatch.

**edit: that thing I said up there about being done with all my ChG untrieds? Yeah that was a lie. I found 5 more on another shelf. :(

So, here are a few of them:

Milani – Fairy Tale, 3 coats.

Eh, pretty but too dark for me.

Nail It! – Sunshine, 3 coats.

I got this as an extra in a swap months ago. This is a very wearable yellow, very lemony and soft and not annoying. Applied well too.

L.A. Girls Disco – Chic, 2 coats.
Very nice coralish pink. I like colors like this. But again, there are little black speckles all through it. I thought the first one was a bad bottle, but now I suspect it’s from the black light glowing properties it supposedly has.

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