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February 2011
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Haulage from the last 2 weeks.

In an effort to stop the perpetual flurry of unneeded and unwanted polishes coming into this house, I’ve decided to put myself on a nail polish budget. I’m keeping track of this  per pay period for now – the best way I can think of to ensure I won’t go over by blowing my budget on the first day of the month and then giving up entirely. I will, however, break that budget if necessary for Perplex (grrrr). And then, I reckon that at the end of the pay period I’ll post what I got and whether I stuck to it. :)

Oh and also, if I decide to use the Amazon giftcards that I got for Christmas for some Lippmans, that doesn’t count. <–That’s entirely logical in my head.

New Wet n Wilds!! Finally!!! Unfortunately, there were several gaps in the display. I was all upset because Gray’s Anatomy wasn’t there. SO I took my two sad polishes and wandered around the store a little while longer, then, as usual, took one last circuit through makeup before I left. Stopped at the sad WnW display again, bent down to look closer in case I missed it somehow the first time…and there. On the floor. Underneath the display, was a lonely bottle of Grey’s Anatomy! SCORE!

  • Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire
  • Party Of Five Glitters
  • Gray’s Anatomy
  • OPI Black Shatter

Nicoles from TJ Maxx. The orange is a dupe, but the purple and blue are pretty!

  • Nicole’s Fave
  • Shimmy Shimmer
  • Blues In The Night
  • Nicole’s Fave – yeah yeah, a dupe. I wanted the purple one!

Unnamed Goldies from TJ Maxx. I got these entirely for the cute bottles to be honest. See, THIS is the kind of needless polish purchase I’m trying to stop!

  • Mini Divas Star Estrella – I guess that’s the name and brand of this one. From the Dollar Tree. I can never resist a mint green, even one that’s sure to be crappy from the DT!
  • Essie Priceless – 30 cents from TJ Maxx, it was all dried up and horrible looking, I added thinner and voila!
  • Sally Hansen Night Lights – From Five Below. Lotttttts of rainbow effect on this one.

From Sally’s:

  • Another Seche Vite (which is just called Vite now?), from the buy a Seche, get a ChG free sale
  • China Glaze Watermelon Rind – I LOVE ChG glass-flecks
  • Finger Paints I’m A Survivor – such a pretty, sparkly pink
  • Sula Paint & Peel Crush – interesting, I haven’t had a peel polish since I was like 8. From Big Lots

So the ChG was my second go at the Seche/ChG sale thing from Sally’s, and the L.A. Girls were an impulse purchase when I saw a new beauty supply next to the restaurant the family and I went to one night.

  • L.A. Girl Addict – Idol
  • China Glaze – Pom Pom
  • L.A. Girl Addict – Delirious

Grand total: $42.49

Well under my budget! Yay me!

7 comments to Haulage from the last 2 weeks. (1/19-2/2)

  • erin

    yay! you bought the watermelon rind. maybe you’ll be able to do a better swatch photo than i did :)

    • Jeannie

      oh, goodness! I suck! I’ve just posted your swatches, to be honest I sort of forgot I had them with all the sickness and stuff lately. I’m so sorry!

      And yup, I bought it right around the time you sent me the pic since yours was so pretty, but I think it’s good to have swatches from more than just me for the same polish – that way you can get an idea of what the polish really looks like, seeing them right there next to each other like that. And shhhh, your swatches were awesome!

  • Sheilsh

    Oh I own two of those Mini Diva polishes! The same you have and a bubblegum pink that I swear smells like candy in the bottle and on the nail. For a dollar I could not resist. I have used Star Estrella under SH Hidden Treasure before and highly recommend it.

    Pretty good haul!

  • I was going to say that some people are finding Perplex at Big Lots and ask if you had one nearby…but then you mention that you bought the Sula there, so I guess it hasn’t shown up at your Big Lots yet.

    I haven’t gone to the one nearest me in forever, it’s only in the next town over, but it’s still so hard to get to. There is a river in the way, so you have to cross one of the bridges that either takes you all over the countryside or through the entire town to get to it. To top things off they’ve been doing roadwork in that town for the last year and I always end up stuck in traffic because of it. I think I’ll just wait until I visit my family in CT. My sister has a much nicer Big Lots down the street from her where hopefully I’ll score Perplex!

    • Jeannie

      Nope, I’ve been checking them too, but I’ve never found any of the nice Revlons that others are finding lately. Hopefully mine are just slow, I shall keep checking!!

      That sounds like a lot of trouble just to get to Big Lots! A non-nail person would never understand what we go through for (cheap) polish!

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