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February 2011
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Crackles are FINALLY here!

It’s so ridiculous how excited I’ve been for the China Glaze Crackle Glaze collection. I’ve been waiting for this for MONTHS. I pre-ordered these from TransDesign, and let me just take a second to say that I am pissed about it. I ordered them on Tuesday, and there was a big note on the site saying that pre-orders of the collection would ship on Friday. Well. Mine shipped on Monday. The email I sent was ignored. Yeah, it’s not a huge deal I guess, but bad customer service makes me mad and I believe that I may switch to H2T or 8ty8 from now on.

Anyway, enough of that! Onto the swatches! This is my first swatchfest since my recent illness because I’ve been trying to limit my exposure to acetone fumes.

Black Mesh over ChG Lighthouse:

And now for the comparison you’re all been waiting for! Well, not really, but I myself have been wondering how Black Mesh would stack up against Black Shatter, and here it is!

It’s strange, I liked the OPI better in every picture I’ve seen until I saw them compared in person. It does depend on how you apply it though. Thicker coat = bigger cracks, and I did apply the OPI fairly thinly here. I will say that the ChG is sheerer than the OPI, though, so it can’t really be applied much thinner than this.

Broken Hearted over ChG Shower Together:

Very  bright! This is not a delicate pink!

Cracked Concrete over ChG Hey Sailor:

I adore this color combo! I applied this more thickly on my ring and pinky fingers for some reason.

Fault Line over ChG Have To Have It from the Creme Couture collection:

This is the only shimmer in the collection, and I do not like this one. The color is pretty but it was a lot gloopier and thicker than any of the others, and I do not enjoy the shimmer.

Lightning Bolt over ChG Below Deck:

This is the sheerest one, of course. A white crackle is great, but I wish it was a little more opaque.

Crushed Candy over LA Girl Idol:

The oddball that I did with a non-ChG base color!

And another comparison! For Audrey and Crushed Candy are within a shade of each other, with Crushed Candy being just a tad darker.

OK, I love these and they do not disappoint at all. I’ve been applying Black Shatter to every manicure I’ve done lately, and it’s awesome that I can now play around with more colors.

A problem I sort of have is with the brush size. Now, I have no problem with the China Glaze brush normally, and I am not an especial fan of the OPI Pro-Wide brush either. But these have to be applied really quickly because they dry so fast, and it take at least 3 strokes to cover my nail, which can lead to uneven coverage.

And finally, the sheerness. They’re not really SHEER. But a few of them are just sheerer than I’d prefer them to be. I wish they were more opaque because of how thickening up your application changes the crackle effect so much.

But those are minor concerns! I adore these polishes. Buy them! Buy them all! (except the purple one)

4 comments to Crackles are FINALLY here!

  • Kat

    I really like how the crackle polishes look. i cant wait to debut some on my site. your swatches are great. whats the best way to get the best picture?

    • Jeannie

      Thanks! I think we might be the only two people left who still enjoy crackle polish!

      As for swatching, I still don’t have it completely figured out myself! I personally use a lightbox with flash and custom white balance, but I HATE using the flash, it washes out color. But, I take my photos in a dark cave, so I’m stuck with it for now. :)

  • leesie

    I had the SAME problem with Transdesign. My e-mail was also ignored. My package was apparently delivered today, but if it was, I’m pretty sure someone stole it, because I do not have it.
    I’m pretty irritated with Transdesign AND UPS at this point.
    Also, the last time I ordered from said site, I’d preordered Anchors Away, and, even though their FAQ says they don’t delay due to backorders, they e-mailed me to ask if I wanted them to hold my package until a DOTTING TOOL I’d ordered arrived. It was another three days before my package shipped. I get they were getting over a storm, but HONESTLY?
    Maybe if they’d shipped the Crackles on Friday, I would have actually /received/ mine. If I have to order replacements, I’m definitely going through another e-tailer–assuming anyone still has the Crackles in stock.

    • Jeannie

      oh no, that’s terrible! I hope you’ve received the Crackles by now, it would be awful to miss out on that because of a UPS mistake or whatever, I think that etailers are pretty much sold out now from what I’ve heard.

      I’m just so disappointed in TD lately! I had issues with my AA pre-order also, it was also shipped several days late.

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