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March 2011
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China Glaze – Carribean Blue

Awwww, man! I was playing around with the design of my blog last weekend and apparently all my widgets have been screwy ever since. Plus all my recently posted pictures are enormous all of a sudden. Grr.

I think this must be one of my favorite polishes. The color, the finish…it’s just perfection. I […]

China Glaze - Tarnished & Varnished

It’s weird how some China Glaze polishes are named incorrectly on every single website ever, isn’t it?

There’s 537 Blues, Pink Prick, Sweet Cream Pink, Lavender Lush, 3 Martini Lunch, etc. Anyway, this is another one of them – most etailers seem to think the name of this polish is Tarnished & Garnished, which […]

China Glaze - It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Well, I just give up. I cannot get a good picture of this polish. It’s really a shame, since it’s so crazy gorgeous, too! This was taken outside in the sunlight. At least it’s color-accurate this time, I guess, but they all turned out weirdly blurry. Sigh.

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OPI – Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?

Oh my, this really got beat up looking before I finally got around to taking photos huh? That’s kind of embarrassing, actually. But, I love the cheeriness of this color, and I love the jelly finish. Jelly, not sorbet, OPI. Your clever marketing ploys won’t work on me!

But regardless, this polish is a […]

some Shreks

I was still in my hatin’ on OPI phase when the Shrek collection came out, so I passed it up and then regretted it later. Picked these up in a blogsale recently. I don’t really like them, for no particular reason that I can think of. I think I expect a lot from OPI […]