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March 2011
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couple of randoms

Sula Paint & Peel – Crush, 3 coats.

Eh. First of all, this dried a completely different color on the nail than it looked in the bottle. Second of all, of course peel polishes aren’t very durable. And third, I only noticed after I looked at the pictures I took that there are bald spots galore. Application was tricky. I got this at Big Lots while I was searching in vain for the Revlons everybody else in the world has been finding, they had approximately 74928 bottles of this color….but no Revlons!

Zoya – Felicity, 3 coats.

This was one of my three free polishes from January. I picked two neutrals, which is not like me at all – maybe I was needing to cleanse my nail polish palette? Anyway, this is awesome. I love the delicate pink color, it ALMOST matches my skin tone. Now, I tried the Zoya color lock system for the first time with this polish, and…well, I need to test it out some more. It was easy to use (I was worried that the drying drops would be a pain) but as you can see from the photo, it was dentable for HOURS after I applied it.

4 comments to couple of randoms

  • I also saw that Sula polish, but I picked it up in Berry (also while I was searching through Big Lots in vain for Perplex D:).

  • I picked up one of the paint and peels at Ulta recently when it was marked down to 99cents. The first time I used it, it had a scent that I couldn’t quite place. I figured it out when I was helping my son with a school project – the polish smells like Elmer’s Glue!

    • Jeannie

      oh, I think you’re right, it does smell like Elmer’s! I guess that’s a good thing actually, better than the chemically smell of most np!

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