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March 2011
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China Glaze – Carribean Blue

Awwww, man! I was playing around with the design of my blog last weekend and apparently all my widgets have been screwy ever since. Plus all my recently posted pictures are enormous all of a sudden. Grr.

I think this must be one of my favorite polishes. The color, the finish…it’s just perfection. I can’t remember how many coats this was, though.

I added Lightning Bolt because I’m still in my “must crackle everything” phase.

And THEN I tried crackle layering! The result is pretty, but really covers up the base color a lot…kind of seems like a waste of a beautiful blue. I also had to play around with this several times before getting a result that looks nice. So, my tips for layering crackle polish? Apply a nice thick topcoat between layers – this will fill in some of the crevices. Otherwise, it will try to crack along the same lines of the previous cracks. Also, try not to make the brush strokes in the same spot on the nail – make the strokes for the second layer a little off-center or go in a different direction, or again, it will try to crack along the same lines.

12 comments to China Glaze – Carribean Blue

  • Kellie

    wow, this is really pretty and I REALLY didn’t get into the crackle phase. My OCD is way too overpowering for me to be able to wear crackle polish. When I’m wearing NORMAL polish, at the first sign of a chip, peel .. ANY imperfection – I’m taking it off. To wear crackled polish intentionally .. ? That just didn’t make sense. LOL! But, I like this mani. It’s very cute and creative!

    • Jeannie

      oh, thank you! I think that crackle can be a bit much sometimes, but I’m LOVING it for second or third day manicures, to cover those imperfections you mentioned when I don’t have time to fix them.

      • Kellie

        LOL .. I know how you feel. I’m really starting to warm up to the crackled look though. I like all the colors that ChG has. The pink looks really cute and I’m excited to see OPI’s new blue shatters. I saw a dude (yes, a DUDE!) on the bus the other day with black crackle over a neon green polish. It looked really good. If he wasn’t especially creepy, I would have asked him what brand it was! LOL

        • Jeannie

          omg i would die (of happiness) if I saw a guy wearing crackle polish in real life! And then probably run away because he’d likely be creepy like the one you saw :)

  • I really liked the double crackle!

  • I really think I need to get Caribbean Blue!

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