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April 2011
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New Bundle Monster plates!

Oh, I was so excited to get these! And let me tell you, I was not prepared to get them so quickly…I ordered them (from Amazon) on Friday, and they got here on MONDAY. Insane! Unfortunately though, I wasn’t home all week, so tonight is my first night seeing them. It […]

2 Awful Butter Londons

Man, I thought that I’d already posted these swatches! Found them in my drafts folder.

I know these are supposed to be a jellyish finish, but in my opinion these are sheers, not jellies. Says both on the bottle!

I was surprised to learn the other day that Butter London isn’t a British company, […]

Color Club – Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery set

I have to say, before I talk about the individual polishes, that I LOVE how this collection looks. Look at the bottles all lined up…they’re so delicate and pretty and I feel like lining them up on a shelf in exactly this order and never touching them again. Unfortunately, after trying […]

Hello Kitty Fauxnad Plate from Born Pretty Store

The next nail art item that I have for review from Born Pretty is the Hello Kitty plate! This is listed on the site as New Nail Art Lovely Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit.

I’ve been wanting a Hello Kitty stamping plate for a really long time. This particular one also happens to […]

Nail Soakers from Born Pretty Store

The next nail art item that I have for review from Born Pretty is these nail soaker…thingies. These are listed on the site as Wearable Nail Soaker Art Acrylic Polish Remover tool.

I actually used these a loooooong time ago, back when I needed to remove gel polish, and they worked well for that application. […]