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April 2011
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some cuteness! (nail related, I promise)

I was at my sister’s house today for a Vantel Pearl Party. It was actually pretty fun, surprisingly, but omigoodness, those ladies get CRAZY over pearls. When my sister let her son open an oyster for her, you should’ve heard the shrieks when they saw that it was “twins” (two tiny pearls, kinda rare, can be used for a matched set of earrings). I have to admit though, that I was skeptical going in, but opening the oysters was really fun and so was picking out a piece of jewelry to mount it in. I ended up ordering this rose shaped setting in a necklace, but my pearl was blue (that also got some shrieks).

Anyway, so I brought about a hundred polishes that I’m trying to get rid of, cause I figured there’d be lots of ladies there and everybody likes free nail polish, right? Well, not really. I got rid of maybe 30. But I sat down with my cousin’s daughter to help her choose some, and my littlest nephew looked with us and oohed and aahed about the pretty colors, and insisted on choosing some for himself. Then he insisted on having it applied. And then I took these pictures, and it was CUTE.

Sorry for the censoring, my brother-in-law doesn’t like having pictures of his children on the internet.

And THEN, he posed for me!!!

And for the record, though I try not to promote gender stereotypes with my nephews, and I’ve painted my middle nephew’s nails matte black before (he asked for it, and really liked it, but kids teased him so he peeled it off during school the first day – sad!), I do think the colors this one chose were a bit girly for a boy. But he’s 4, he likes pretty colors! Even so, I tried to talk him out of it and then told him to ask his mom to do it for him. :)

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