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April 2011
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Color Club – Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery set

I have to say, before I talk about the individual polishes, that I LOVE how this collection looks. Look at the bottles all lined up…they’re so delicate and pretty and I feel like lining them up on a shelf in exactly this order and never touching them again. Unfortunately, after trying out each polish on my nails, I think that would be just about the only way I could ever enjoy most of them.

Get A Clue, 4 coats.

Well, this shade of pink makes my skin look horrible. It’s also SO FREAKING STREAKY. Four coats couldn’t even make it OK, the polish wouldn’t level itself.

Revealed, 3 coats.

This was very sheer. It’s also another one that’s really bad on my skin. And…see that beautiful pinkish shimmer in the bottle? Well, it stayed in the bottle – invisible on the nail.

Incognito, 3 coats.

This was one of my favorites in the bottle, it’s SUCH a pale, beautiful brown! Unfortunately, it’s terribly sheer and basically has no color at all. Not even that good for a skin-matching polish because of the sheerness.

Secret Rendezvous, 3 coats.

Finally, one I like! THIS is what I was hoping this collection would be – very delicate and soft, not too stark and opaque, but not water-sheer, either. Too bad that this one also clashes with my skin. I’m keeping it anyway!

Sheer Disguise, 3 coats.

Another good one! I really like the shade, though it ends up being mostly just gray on my hands. Nice formula, again – not too opaque so it keeps a soft look.

Give Me A Hint, 3 coats.

Didn’t Color Club already do this color in Rebel Debutante? I looked through my stash but I couldn’t find it – I probably got rid of it. Which means, yeah, I’m not enjoying this one. It’s a popular sort of color though, it’s not a bad polish. Just like the previous two, it’s kind of soft.

The last polish in this collection was of course the Milky White Basecoat. I have several bottles of this from buying these Ross sets, and I’ve yet to use it – I tend to just stick with what works for me, I guess.

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