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May 2011
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China Glaze – Ooh La La Pink Pearl

Dusty China Glaze Week!!!

So here’s the story of this polish and me: I got it at a flea market, all dried up, for like 75 cents. I used it for the post I did about using thinner to revive crusty old polishes, and then I put it away in a drawer and scorned it for like a year. A SHEER frosty looking pink with weird blue flash, made for french manicures? Um, no, I have polishes that are actually worth my time!

Oh boy was I wrong. I gotta say that my pictures below really don’t do it justice…the blue flash in this polish is INSANE, but my camera didn’t want to capture it correctly. Just try to imagine it magnified by 10 and glowing like blue fire. The polish is a pinkish sheer base with this crazy blue shimmer running through it. I actually can’t imagine what kind of wacky ass french manicure it would make considering that this polish is from 2003, from an era I think of as dominated by pink, ladylike polishes, and this one blinds me with blue every time I look at it.

But since I’m not that into frenches and a flashy polish like this seems MADE for layering over black, that’s what I did next. It’s a two-picture bonus day! Again, when you look at this picture you have to picture it GLOWING. Like blue fire.

This is from the spring 2003 French Bliss collection, a collection I’ve always been pretty uninterested in, but I might have to search out some more of these – the other 3 pearls, at least, cause man. BLUE. FIRE. It looks like there were 4 “normal” french colors, and then 4 “pearl” colors, and all the names were prefaced by “ooh La La.” Cause it’s a french collection!!!! :)

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