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May 2011
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China Glaze – Silver Bells + a bonus ChG!

And today is the end of Dusty China Glaze Week, because sadly I’ve run out of old polishes that I have swatched.

So, Silver Bells. Shown here over Ruby Deer from the 2010 Christmas collection, it’s a chunky but smooth clear topcoat. It actually sort of reminds me of CND Sugar Sparkle, it adds a little kick to a base polish, but it’s not too in your face. I guess it’s sort of like they bottles the glass fleck from the Babes In Toeland collections…hmmm, I wonder how this would franken…

I got Silver Bells from a blogsale (I snapped it up once I realized that I’d never heard of it before) and it makes me sort of sad to say that it remains a mystery – I still don’t know one single piece of information about it. The number on the bottle (CGS538)  makes me suspect that it’s from 2003-2004, but it’s difficult to go by the number because ChG skipped around and used the same numbers but diffferent prefixes (CGS, CGT, etc) depending on the collection, in some cases. It does irritate me, though, that I could be missing this entire collection, since I can’t find any other polishes with a number anywhere near this one.

And a solo picture of Ruby Deer just to get it out of my “to be posted” folder, and also cause I don’t have much to say about it. It’s red. It’s very bright. It’s perfectly nice.

3 comments to China Glaze – Silver Bells + a bonus ChG!

  • Hey!

    I found a polish on eBay today with the number before Silver Bells! It’s Poinsettia, and the number is CGS537. Unfortunately that’s all I know :(

    • Jeannie

      are you kidding, that is a HUGE help, thanks so much! See, this is the problem with China Glaze polishes…there are some that might as well not exist because there’s just no record of them anywhere! Thanks again, I’d never have known this existed without you!

  • m smith

    I’ve been looking for info on silver bells as well. no one seems to know anything. im currently selling silver bells and the other like it poinsettia which is almost the same but suspended pink micro eefect. on ebay my store. its smithrdblue1 . love to hear if you find anything out. my email is down but my ebay store i can get messages. looks pretty!

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