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May 2011
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I’ve Been Labelling Anything That Stands Still (tangentially nail-related)

…and some things (people) that don’t. I ordered a laser printer the other day, and it came with a free labelmaker. I was all “pshhhh, I have a labelmaker already, but hey, free!” So, this is the printer I ordered, and this is the labelmaker that came with it. Sadly, the printer’s not on extreme sale anymore, and they’re not offering the labelmaker deal either.

See, this is my current labelmaker, a Dymo Label Buddy which I got at Michael’s. It’s the type that uses pressure to punch the letters into thick plastic. It requires lots of spinning of the dial and using the cutter button hurts my hand after a while. For nail-related use, I use this for labeling polishes that don’t have names on them (ahem, Color Club sets from Ross).

This is the finished product with that horrible thing. The labels are too big and they don’t fit! Also they fall off sometimes.

And here’s the new one, a Brother PT70BM! It is just so awesome. I’m sure it’s nothing special or new in the labelmaker world, but compared to the one I was using above? It’s like stepping into the age of labelmaker enlightenment.

It’s really comfortable to hold, the cutter button doesn’t require much pressure at all, and it does all kinds of fancy font stuff – vertical, outline, shadow, italics, bold, borders, it can do two lines of text, and in two sizes! Also, the labels are very thin, not that horrible thick plastic material from the old one.

So like I said, I’ve been labelling everything in sight, and putting names on the Color Club Sugar Sweet collection I bought yesterday was a JOY!

I’m really not shilling for Brother or anything, I just really love this thing and wanted to share in case anyone else is using the ype I had before and wanted to upgrade!

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