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May 2011
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more haulage

Well, I sort of took a few months off of buying new nail polish, but I guess I’m back to my old ways now.

I FINALLY found some more of the Maybelline denims! This purchase made me crazily happy.

  • Blue Riders
  • Jaded Blues
  • Stone Washed

I also picked these up at the Dollar Tree. I figured they’re Nailene, how bad can they really be? Pretty bad, probably, but I reckon we’ll see! These are interesting because they come with both toe and finger stickers.

And Five Below is right near Dollar Tree and Ross, so I popped in to look at the polishes, of course. I got these nail stickers that I’ve eyed in both Sally’s and Five Below for quite a while. I’ve always passed them by though, cause I figure they suck. They sort of look thick and horrible, and the designs aren’t even that pretty, even – except for the blue ones on the right…gorgeous! Here’s a spoiler, though – they do suck.

Also, I found a new brand at Five Below, Fresh Paint. I picked up just one, Papaya.

And finally I found the Wicked Sweet Color Club collection!! Very excited about this also.

Lastly, I went into a little nail shop yesterday and picked up a few things. I was hoping (long shot, I know) for the new holo glitters, but I found some pretty cool stuff anyway!

  • Ruby Kisses Mediterranean Nightsky – looks like RK has revamped their line, and I approve – these look great!
  • Ruby Kisses Spicy Apricot
  • Kleancolor Pearl Jungle
  • Slick Mermaid Green – I totally thought these were old ChGs at first. Ah well!
  • Slick [no name blue] – darnit, the sticker fell off this one

And from the same store, the LA Girl Metals collection for $1 each! LA Girl is a weird brand for me – I always like them, and they do interesting collections in interesting colors, but somehow I don’t seem to like them enough to buy them at, what, $3-4 from Cherry Culture? And it’s a hard brand to find, if you’re actually looking for them in person.

  • Metallic Olive
  • Trilogy
  • Chromium Green
  • Antique Gold
  • Copper Alloy
  • Millennium
  • Iron Red
  • Deep Sea Mica

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