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July 2011
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Well, because of my not posting for forever, I haven’t done a haul post in forever. To be honest, I haven’t been buying as much lately either, but here’s what I’ve acquired over the past few weeks:

OPI Shatters. I am still not over crackle polish, I crackle EVERYTHING still. I got these two sets on Amazon for a really good price.

  • Red Shatter
  • Rally Pretty Pink – not my type of polish, but somehow I LOVE it.
  • Spark de Triomphe
  • White Shatter

And the blue shatters too! Got these on eBay. Now, seriously – am I imagining that there were 6 of these announced originally?? I distinctly remember that but I can’t find anything to back it up. I’m wondering if it might have been an April Fool’s joke or something, I guess the PR came out around that time.

  • Blue Shatter
  • Navy Shatter
  • Turquoise Shatter

See? Still not over crackle polishes! I found these at a new little beauty supply last weekend. I’m really not sure what the brand name is supposed to be…they’re made by Cherimoya, but they all say 2012 on them. It’s one of those annoying things like with LA Girl polishes, where the bottles are labelled with the collection name and it makes it unclear what they’re actually called, I guess. Anyway, I like them a lot.

  • Prayer – OH YEAH, a purple crackle that is NOT a shimmer!
  • You & I

Today at Rite Aid, the (new?) Sally Hansen Hard As nails polishes. This is the first time I’d seen the display, and it was half empty, but I REALLY like what they had. The bottles are little and cute, and they’re on sale at Rite Aid, too. They weren’t marked but they rang up B1G1 1/2 off. Combined with the coupons for Sally Hanson polishes that I had, and these were a dollar each. Several of the colors looked pretty similar to other SH colors, too, I plan on doing some comps. Oh, and a PSA, on my receipt I saw that Rite Aid is doing a +Up deal on Sally Hansen right now – spend $100, get $20 back. I have no interest in spending $100 in Sally Hansen (though really, a few nail strips and a couple of CSM polishes and you’re there) but maybe someone will!

  • Hard-ly There
  • Tough Taupe – this is pretty close to Commander-In-Chic, I think
  • Die-Hard Fan– a really BRIGHT orange shimmer glass-fleck-type
  • Black Heart – I’m always on the lookout for a good black polish
  • Rockin’ Hard – this is a boring mauve, but it has the prettiest shimmer in it!
  • Hard-ly There – Yeah, another one of these. I think they’ll be good for frankening.

Next, the whole reason I went to Rite Aid, the Sinful Colors OPI dupes. They do look awfully similar, I’ll try to compare these also, but I don’t have them all. And darnit, I’m still missing one of the Sinful Colors too. That’s gonna bug me, I can’t stand being that close to a finished collection! These are PRETTY, and really opaque.

  • Open Seas – really lovely shade
  • Adventure Island – this is a really weird color, I can’t see myself enjoying this one.
  • Verbena – the PERFECT purple shade. I swatched it earlier and didn’t wanna take it off.
  • Star Fish – I’m wearing this now, it’s gorgeous

The Sally Hansens in this pic are from a few weeks ago when they went on clearance at CVS. Why does CVS do that, I wonder? I got some 75% off Essies at the same time, and now all of them are back at full price, so they weren’t discontinuing them or anything…in fact the bottles they have left still have clearance sticker residue on them. Weird.

  • Finger Paints Artistic Azure – I’ve actually been wanting this for a while. I love Finger Paints polishes, they’re so under appreciated
  • Finger Paints Gallery Glam
  • Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty
  • Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud – this just looks white on the nail, blah

THE CHINA GLAZE CRACKLE METALS! I wasn’t expecting to find these so soon.

  • Tarnished Gold
  • Oxidized Aqua
  • Cracked Medallion
  • Platinum Pieces – my preliminary testing shows that this is better than Silver Shatter
  • Latticed Lilac
  • Haute Metal – pretty sure this is my favorite

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