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July 2011
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Zoya Mirrors collection

Zoaya’s Mirrors collection for Fall consists of 3 shimmery almost-metallics and 3 smooth, opaque glitters. Spoiler: it is really pretty awesome.

The polishes I referred to above as almost-metallics are just that – I wouldn’t classify them as shimmers, really, and they definitely lean metallic to me, but they’re really not metallics either. The glitters are Zoya’s famous smooth, non-bumpy glitter that isn’t a pain to remove, but in wonderful, super-opaque formulas.

Also…only 2 colors in the red/pink family in the entire Smoke & Mirrors collection. That is…groundbreaking, imo. I hate it when polish companies shove reds down our throats.

I really, really like this collection, there’s not a single one I wouldn’t have purchased for myself.

Nimue, 2 coats.

What is up with this name? But it’s a rather lovely grayed out purple. It’s got a lot of silver shimmer running through it, giving it an awesome nearly-metallic sheen.

Marina, 2 coats.

Oh my goodness, Marina is the most gorgeous shade of blue. And I admit, I tend to love all blues, but this shimmery-metallic finish makes Marina pretty special. It reminds me of a shimmery version of Sally Hansen Gray By Gray.

Tao, 2 coats.

I must admit that I wish Tao and Marina weren’t so similar – one’s a grayish blue and the other’s a blueish gray. Even so though, they’re both great colors, and I’m still loving this finish.

Yara, 2 coats.

Omigoodness, the wonderful opacity! The awesome color! The glitter that keeps it from being boring! I so love this polish. I think this might be my favorite out of all 12 of the Smoke & Mirrors polishes.

Neeka, 2 coats.

This is the purple version of Yara. It’s got the same gold glitter and the same wonderful formula. I was just a leeeetle disappointed in this one though, because it’s a lovely light purple in the bottle, but it dries about 12 shades darker on the nail, so now it’s teetering right on the edge of my imaginary “too dark for me” line.

Jem, 2 coats.

OK, this polish is pretty gorgeous. It’s just as opaque as the other two glitters, but somehow it’s much sparklier. And it’s kind of duochrome-ish…see how the glitter sparkles both purple and red? In the bottle you can see enormous stripes of gold, also, but I couldn’t find that on the nail at all.

These were sent for review.

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