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July 2011
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Zoya Smoke collection

Zoya’s Smoke collection for Fall is 6 creams. This collection is very nice (love the formulas!), if maybe not terribly unique. And I love me some creme polishes, but I don’t tend to care for dark polishes in general, and several of these are pretty dark. Plus, this is a Fall collection and the heat index was 115 here today, and it’s too hot to eat, wear clothes, or look at dark colors. I find it very difficult to review Fall collections in the middle of summer :)

Jana, 2 coats.

Perfect formula, dries way darker on the nail than in the bottle. I’m a little over this greige type of color, but it applied beautifully! Seriously, I am so impressed with how all of these applied, it was a joy.

Petra, 3 coats.

A dark gray that seems to lean a little bit purpleish. I’m a little in love with gray polish most of the time, but I find it difficult to even look at this one in this heat today!

Cynthia, 2 coats.

This is a lovely shade of dark blue, kind of a very very dark teal. This is one of my favorites of this collection.

Codie, 2 coats.

This is a weird dark brown with some…green? in it. I see green. Kind of an espresso brown. I’m really not much of a fan of this one.

Anja, 2 coats.

A very dark two-coater dark maroon. Very nice because of the opacity and formula, but not really unique.

Dree, 3 coats.

Goooorgeous! My favorite by far. Such a wonderful, calming shade of green, it’s the perfect camo color. Love.

These were sent for review.

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