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November 2011
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3 China Glaze Bar Glitters

These were a recent eBay find, and I was SO excited to get them! I’m sitting there at work bidding while on my phone, and I ended up getting them all for a fairly good price. These were from a very, very old collection, by my best guess released sometime pre-1999. I don’t know much about this collection, or even if it was officially a collection, really…but it was 6 bar glitters that all had names with an outer space theme.

Honestly…these aren’t great. I’m glad to have them because I’m obsessed with vintage China Glaze, but present-day bar glitters would probably do the job better.

Aurora Borealis, 3 coats.

This is the best of them! Green and silver bar glitter in a clear base.

Moon Over Miami, 3 coats.

Silver holo glitter in a light grey base. It’s so hard to tell what aspects of these polishes are because of their age, and which were originally there. This one has a very strange speckly base, though. It’s not that noticeable, however.

Jumpin’ Jupiter, 2 coats.

Aaaaaand Jumpin’ Jupiter was also a strange one. The base was thick and oddly opaque – but again, I’m not sure if it actually looked like this in 1999. Dark grey base with silver bar glitter and purple and green bar glitter. But the purple and green are sparse enough, and the base is dark enough, that I suspect color bleeding.

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