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January 2012
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China Glaze Let It Snow collection

Well. I’m totally a fail blogger.

And I know your mama calls you good for nothin’
She says her baby is a failer and she don’t want you callin’

I love that song. Anyway, yeah, so I procrastinated  even swatching these for like a month, then finally got them swatched, WEEKS before Christmas, and then I let them sit on my camera,  unloved.

Blue Year’s Eve, 3 coats.

This is the same TYPE of polish as Blue Iguana from the summer collection, but this is much more purple. And I like the shade of this one muuuch better, also. Look at that glitter!

Champagne Bubbles, 2 coats.

I actually quite like this polish. The glitter is strangely bumpy, but I think it jazzes up an otherwise kinda boring polish. In pictures, the glitter shows up at just dark dots, but it’s actually quite sparkly. This is a polish that just isn’t very photogenic, I think.

Glittering Garland, 3 coats.

Very nice. Very close to Emerald Sparkle, but darker.

Holly-Day, 2 coats.

A creamy, smooth, delicious green. I want to describe it as “dark,” but it’s totally not. But it is a little darker than any of the other green cremes I own.

Icicle, 3 coats.

Eh. This is just a standard silver foil, and not one of my favorites. 3 coats is too many for a silver foil. ChG Millennium is totally better.

Poinsettia, 3 coats.

And here’s the first of the reds. Bright and red, what else can be said?

Ring In The Red,2 coats.

I HATE this one. It looks NOTHING like the awesome Ruby Pumps. The glitter is chunky instead of being smooth. I do enjoy the larger hex glitter, but really I think this one’s just too similar in theory to Ruby Pumps and so I can’t help comparing it and it just falls short.

Tinsel Town,2 coats.

I thought this one looked sort of boring in the bottle, but it’s now one of my favorites. Hex glitter and normal glitter, very opaque, I love it!

Twinkle Lights,3 coats.

This is another that is sort of a cousin to last year’s Party Hearty, but they’re actually very different. Still, I can’t help comparing them. Fine gold, red, and green glitter combine on the nail to make sort of a goldish shade.

Velvet Bow,3 coats.

This is extremely close to my beloved Ravishing, Dahling, it’s maybe a little more red and less brown. I found it difficult to get this to apply evenly.

Winter Berry, 2 coats.

I never know how to describe reds. It’s…red. It’s bright. There’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s not even that I don’t like red polishes, I just have a hard time describing them.

Snow Globe, 1 coat over Velvet Bow.

I tried Snow Globe over several different polishes. I don’t think it’s very photogenic though…I liked these in person, not so much in pictures. It’s very sparkly and throws off a lot of colors.

1 coat over Tinsel Town.

1 coat over Ring In The Red.

These were provided for review.

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