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February 2012
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Moonpool! And a comparison

An ollllld, hard to find polish. Probably because it was like, the only green China Glaze released in like 7 years. This was released sometime between 1997 and 2000…it was actually one of the core line polishes that wasn’t part of a collection.

So Moonpool is a lovely dusty green with gold shimmer, it’s actually really pretty. 2 coats.

Now, when the Island Escape collection was released last year, I heard speculation about Cha Cha Cha being a dupe for Moonpool, so I decided to compare them. First, Cha Cha cha by itself, 3 coats.

Nope, not even close. They’re in the same family, but that’s it. They’re both brushstroke-y. Cha Cha Cha is much yellower, and MUCH more sheer. Moonpool actually had pretty good opacity, surprisingly.

3 comments to Moonpool! And a comparison

  • Cici

    Your pic of Moonpool makes it look so much nicer than it looks on me! Lol! I hunted for that sucker forever and then put it on and womp womp.. glad it looks great on you :)

  • CiCi

    Thanks! I’ve been meaning to do a big lineup of all the Moonpool-esque colors I have, because I feel like their must be something close in there somewhere with how many lime/gold shimmers I’ve got.
    Lucky that your bottle of Moonpool is nice and opaque, mine came in the way old bottle (with the ribbed cap) and had thinned with time and took about 4-5 super-slow drying coats for opacity :O hehe.

    • Jeannie

      oh, there’s gotta be a dupe somewhere! It’s not that original, really. Oh that sucks about the formula on yours! Heck, maybe mine’s fake cause I was surprised at how nice it was :)

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