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March 2012
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Zoya Gems & Jewels

Izzy, 2 coats.

When I got a mini bottle of Izzy in a Birchbox a while ago, I was sort of disappointed – of all the colors in this collection, this would’ve been the LAST one I’d have ever bought. But once I tried it on, it was lovvvvvvvve! I adore this polish, it’s my favorite from this collection. It’s very opaque, and the shimmer is crazy. I’m going to need a full-sized bottle of this.

Kissy over Izzy.

Very nice – all bar glitter in a very slightly tinted base. The bar glitter is holo.

Noel, 3 coats.

Aaaaaand, when I opened my package from Zoya and saw this, my first thought was “oh no, they accidentally sent me Kotori, which I hated!” It’s not really that similar to Kotori except that they’re both a sort of dull blue shimmer. Muuuuuch more opaque though, this one’s actually pretty nice, if an oddly dull blue. This one doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the collection somehow.

Noel over Twila.

Noel brings  Twila up in my estimation. Still though, the blue glitter (not holo like the other bar glitters) is so much brighter than the Twila base. I don’t understand the color discrepancy since the other two shades in this collection have perfectly complementary bar glitters.

Holly, 3 coats.

Another awesome one! A deep shimmery green sparkles like crazy.

Rina over Holly.

Mostly green bar glitter in this one, but also some holo bar glitter that seems to flash blue. Very nice, I think this is my favorite of the glitters in this collection.

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