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March 2012
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random polishes

Spoiled – Toad-ally Amazing, unknown coats.

Very pretty! The brush on mine was enormous and uneven though. This is a lovely color and I love the shimmer.


Cover Girl – Grape Ice, 2 coats.

I had a bunch of these Nail Slicks polishes in high school, I remember thinking it was so cool that I didn’t have to apply base or topcoat, cause the bottle said I didn’t! All the ones I still have, though, have turned…runny. Sheer and runny. Difficult to apply. However, the color/finish on this one is really beautiful.

Ulta – Chic Peek, 3 coats.

I think I got this in my very first MUA swap. I had no idea what I was doing and at the time I hated holos, so I traded China Glaze’s FYI for this. Not a great trade now that I look back, but I was very excited about doing my first swap! This is a fairly interesting medium brown with tons of shimmer…it might even be a foil, kinda hard to classify.

Color Club – The Lime Starts Here, 3 coats.

Welp, this is pretty sheer. Still, it smells nice and I think this is the only time I’ve ever managed to get a neon to actually look neon in pictures. I have absolutely no idea what I did to make that happen, though.

NYC – Taxi Yellow Creme, 4 coats.

This is really not a bad polish, as yellows go. It wasn’t very streaky, and gave pretty good coverage. The shimmer surprised me though.

Revlon – Lasting Mocha, 3 coats.

I used to really love these Revlon Colorstay polishes. Anyone else remember these? They were small cylindrical bottles, packaged with a special topcoat, and they were supposed to stay on your nails like, forever. I remember thinking that they actually DID last a long time, but even then I suspected that the reason was that all the colors in the line were basically nudes so it was just hard to tell when they chipped. Anyway, all the colors were totally boring, by my standards today, and yet I own TWO sets of Lasting Mocha. I remember wearing this one a LOT. Man, look how sheer and gross it is!

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  • beachgal

    Some nice shades. The Spoiled one has a touch of that same look as Sinful Cinderella – a tad darker on the Spoiled one. But from what I understand Spoiled is made by same co. as Sinful. We don’t have Spoiled brand in my area…but that’s not unusual. I am in a rural area and we don’t get a lot of brands/lines. I love bottle/blog swatch spam.

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