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March 2012
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having lots of problems…

so in addition to the fact that I think I lost a ton of followers when google shut down GFC, and the fact that all of my websites are intermittently going down for the past week or so and my host has no idea how to fix it, I’ve just realized that my rss feed isn’t working. So probably no one will actually see this post until I get it fixed…but there you go.

**edit: and it hasn’t been working since 3/11. And I have no idea how to fix it. SIGH.

**edit2: I think it’s fixed. I think. Maybe.

**editLAST: It is fixed, and sorry for the post bomb that I just created – everything I’ve posted on the site since the 10th just came through the rss at once.

3 comments to having lots of problems…

  • April

    I get your posts through Google Reader, so I’m still here! Love your blog! Have a great day!

  • beachgal

    Feeling for ya kid. I have not had dependable CABLE internet service since Jan! They upped everyone’s speed and it meant a new modem only they told no one – just let us start to go down. I thought maybe this last week, the guy that came out got us fixed – but alas – here were are on our classic end of the week and pouf – 5pm came and we are at a crawl – so slow cannot even get a speed test to run. I want to be reimbursed for internet services since Jan until they get it fixed – this is just goofy -= I pay through the nose for their router or you get zero tech support – and then the service itself and of course you cannot run on base speed they sell – so you pay more for speed. I just want connections. Was surprised your page loaded for me after I tried 4 times.

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