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April 2012
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And more China Glazes…

Emotion, 2 coats.

Pretty pink, nice foil. A winner! I understand why everyone loves stamping with the polishes from this collection now.

Papaya Punch, 3 coats.

Very bright and squishy, I like this a lot.

Go Crazy Red, unknown coats.

I got this in a big batch of ollllld China Glazes a while back. I really only got this one cause it was super cheap and I wanted to swatch it for the wiki, but…it ended up being my very favorite. It’s very very bright and gorgeously shimmery. I love this.

2 comments to And more China Glazes…

  • beachgal

    I have not researched it – but I don’t think Go Crazy Red is all that old. I recall when I was working with a seller on eBay in fall of 2010 to get a good deal on a lot of polishes to make a whopping gift basket for someone really special. Right after holiday of 2010, she told me CG added a new red to their wall collection that made her think of me with my love for reds. It might have come from a collection before that as often that’s how some get to the classic wall. It’s still on the classic wall today at Sally’s – least last time I looked. Like you, I really do like this red and reach for it often. It just really works for me.

    Papaya Punch is going to get a work out this spring/summer for me with the oranges going strong – I know I need a wardrobe of oranges to pull from this year – right now I am addicted to OPI’s Roll In The Hague…it’s fab.

    • Jeannie

      I guess I kind of misspoke – these were, I suspect, unloved salon polishes, they were all crusty and dusty and dried up. None of them were actually that OLD…but they looked ancient and some have obviously been hanging out unloved for a long time. Although, it looks to me like Go Crazy Red was originally released sometime before 2010. They re-release classic reds like this all the time though, and I can see why, it’s great!

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