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April 2012
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China Glaze – Laser Lime and Ultamate Holiday

Laser Lime, 3 coats.

Laser Lime is from the slightly disappointing Tronica collection last year. They’re all quite nice polishes, but you know how nail polish people get – we hear the word holographic and start foaming at the mouth, so when the holo is as faint as in the Tronica polishes, it’s something of a letdown.

Laser Lime was what I intended to wear for Saint Patrick’s Day this year, but it somehow didn’t feel quite festive enough for me, so I added a coat of Ultamate Holiday for some sparkle. And MAN, does it sparkle. I feel like the general consensus on these Ulta-exclusive polishes was “meh,” but I really really like them. It’s nice on its own, too, but Laser Lime is a really good polish to layer it over – it’s just a tad more yellow than Laser Lime.

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  • beachgal

    I think the shades in the Tronica collection get a bad rap because they were not linear holos like the famed OMG collection was and that is what was expected of the collection. The Kaleidoscope collection 1 yr after OMG collection also was not linear holo. Yet now, today we see a lot of hype over holos out there that are nothing but glitter polishes being called holos. I really like Laser Lime a lot and wear it often. I don’t want to use up my very very hard to get L8R G8R from the OMG collection. So I use my Laser Lime instead.

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