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May 2012
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Sally Hansen – Fairy Teal

I got this on clearance, iirc. I tend to pick up any of the polishes from this line when I see them clearanced, but I hardly ever buy them otherwise – they’re really great polishes that apply wonderfully, but…well, I’m cheap and they’re a bit too expensive in my opinion. Perfect application as usual. 2 coats.

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  • beachgal

    This has been a go to teal cream for me since I found it about a yr ago – or maybe it was late last summer. I have a # of other teals but none really hit the spot quite like this one for me. I adore the SHCSM formula and the brush being wider is great on toes plus I don’t have any problem adjusting to it for fingers like some seem to have. Rather than layering flakies on black, I use this a lot. It’s not as gothic as the black and lightens up the entire hand but still pretty much gives all the flash and colors of a flakie. Surprised it’s on clearance – but for me I think that’s a good sign. It’s not on clearance here – rarely do they clear anything out in this tiny town I live in. But if they cannot restock it – that means the newer shades are going to come in. It gets pretty tired looking at the same maybe 20 shades we have here in our town’s drug store in this SHCSM line. Will be fun to see some new shades move in!

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