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September 2012
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China Glaze – Dress Me Up

So I don’t dislike this polish because it’s kind of grandmotherly. I like grandmotherly, usually – I like mauve-y pinks. Nope, I dislike this polish because it’s too brown and too boring and the color is too close to my skintone. 2 coats.

3 comments to China Glaze – Dress Me Up

  • Patricia

    I love it! It´s classy and eternal

  • I love this color! I’m loving mauve-y classic colors lately.

  • beachgal

    Agree – it’s too brown. It needs more rose and purple to pull it mauve. Funny that the ash rose/mauve tones were grandma shades in many minds. I never stopped liking them – just like I always love a good terra cotta that is also been called grandma color – if you could even find one that is. I noticed that the dusty rose started to show up a little again this fall – the shade that was goenrs on every Essie display I saw for the Yogogo collection was Marathin – very much a great ash rose. I had to order it off evil bay to get it. I love wearing it this time of yr as we are still in shorts and it’s warm here where I live – will be for another 4 weeks (with cold nights pretty soon and up 40-50 degrees higher from there in the day). So if you like this shade – suggest you see if you can find Essie Marathin. You might be able to put another shade over this one to pull up the pink – or wear a med pink under this is another way to go – or just donate it to your local women’s shelter. I give a lot of beauty items to mine.

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