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May 2020
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some more randoms

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, 3 coats.

I wore this to a Christmas party a few weeks ago and it was perfect, of course!

Essie It’s Genius

Color Club Magic Attraction, 3 coats.

This is such an odd polish! I would […]

Stupid Color Club Reds From Ross

Now, these aren’t stupid because of the polishes – the actual polishes are great. And I’ve never once had a problem with wonky caps/brushes in the Ross sets. The problem is that this isn’t a real collection (as far as I can tell) and the polishes aren’t labelled, so I have NO IDEA what […]

Some randoms

These have been sitting in my Unposted folder for forever for various reasons. Of course that means that I don’t remember much about them!

Color Club – Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is just sort of blah. Nothing special, really, it’s a darkish mauve-y purple. The Cute Boyfriend’s out-of-the-blue opinion? “I don’t like your nails […]

Color Clubs!

These are both from Rebel Debutante, of course. And wow, these swatches are terrible! I can tell from the swatch quality, how excited I was to try a particular polish. I don’t really know why these have been just languishing on my untried shelf for so long, really, they’re perfectly nice. But I guess […]

Color Club – a few from the Pardon My French collection

I must say that I hated these. I’ve been procrastinating on swatching them for forever because I played with them when I first got them, and haaaaate. The cremes are too sheer, and the glitters are so chunky and gloopy, it seems like something that should be marketed for 10 years olds or something.