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June 2020
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random polishes

Spoiled – Toad-ally Amazing, unknown coats.

Very pretty! The brush on mine was enormous and uneven though. This is a lovely color and I love the shimmer.


Cover Girl – Grape Ice, 2 coats.

I had a bunch of these Nail Slicks polishes in high school, I remember thinking it was […]

Cover Girl - Autumn Rose

This is such a pretty color, but I actually think it’s one of the few old polishes I have that can’t be salvaged and just needs to be thrown away. All of my old Nailslicks have somehow gotten super thin, so they’re really hard to apply now. That I can deal with, but this […]

Cover Girl - Sand Dollar

I think this is one of those polishes that’s supposed to be done in one coat, no base or top, but I just can’t do that, so this is 2 coats, plus base and topcoat. This MIGHT be a very faint frost. I don’t like it.

This is much pinker than it appeared in […]

Cover Girl - Cosmic Blue

I LOVE this color!!! It’s such a delicate blue. Shimmery, of course. Once again, all my old Nailslicks have become extremely thin, which is odd because I remember them being irritatingly thick 15ish (wow) years ago when I used to wear them regularly.

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Cover Girl - Go Go Green

Go Go Green is a Nailslicks polish that I got loooooong ago – look, there’s no writing left on the label! It has separated or something  though – it was very difficult to work with. Very verrrry thin. Odd – I can fix thickened old polishes, but what’s up with thinned ones? […]