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July 2020
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Finger Paints – Fall Fashionista collection

Well I thought I had this entire collection, but I was wrong. I’m still missing Cord-Orange, To-Teally Chic, and Haute Taupe. Darn! I wish I had them all, because I really, really like Finger Paints, and this was a pretty good collection – really good opacity, original colors, and cute names!

Vintage Velvet, 2 […]


I have been adding crackle to evvvvvvverything lately! I love it.

This is Sinful Colors – Scandal with Black Shatter. I loooooove how bright it is against the black.

And China Glaze – Starboard with Black Shatter. Pretty bright again!

Dr’s Remedy – Healing with Black Shatter. Now […]

A bunch of Finger Paints

Once again, I’m surprised by how much I really love Finger Paints. They’re just so darn good! They all apply well, great colors, good opacity, etc. Love them.

I’m A Survivor, 3 coats.

Oooooooooh! This is just so pretty. I love the bright color and all the shimmer!

Mulberry Madness, 3 […]

Random Finger Paints

A warning, this post will be filled with gushing, because I just LOVE the Finger Paints formula. Seriously, if you’d tried Finger Paints previously and not been impressed, as I had, TRY THEM AGAIN, because they have impressed me soooooooo much lately. I picked up a ton of clearance Finger Paints a few months […]

Finger Paints - Blissfully Blue

I found it really difficult to get a picture of this polish. It’s so light and bright that it’s sort of washed out in pictures. Covered reallllly well, though. I’m really loving all these clearance Finger Paints that I got recently, the formula is AWESOME! This is 2 coats.

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