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June 2020
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A Bunch Of Purples!

I have an awful lot of unposted purple swatches, considering that I kinda hate purple!

H&M Mad About You, 3 coats.

This is really pretty, but sadly I’ve realized since I took this picture that my flash kills holo. I got this months ago in a swap. That’s how backed up on posting and […]

some randoms

OPI My Private Jet (brown non-holo version)

This really isn’t such a bad polish, it’s interesting at least. I mean, brown with holo glitter? I can’t really think of another of those.

Funky Fingers Yell-Oh!, 4 coats.

Borghese Poema Orchid, 3 coats.

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Funky Fingers - Southampton Collection

Well, here’s the Hampton collection from Funky Fingers! The collection looks really nice together (except for the oddball Mint Me In Montauk), and the colors are so cheery and summery to me! Only one of these 5 polishes seems right off the bat to be a Color Club dupe. Most of the brushes were […]

Funky Fingers – Gaga Glitter

I tend to pick up Funky Fingers polishes whenever I suspect that they aren’t Color Club dupes, and I can’t think of any Color CLub polish that this could be, so SCORE! DOuble score since it’s so pretty, really. Hot pink base, lots of holo glitter. The full name of this, also, probably isn’t […]

Funky Fingers Alice In Wonderland collection!

OK, so, Funky Fingers. Of course they’re made by Forsythe Cosmetic Group, which is the company that makes Color Club. And of course I knew that the Funky Fingers polishes are the exact same as Color Club polishes – they’re literally the same polishes with the same names, in differently shaped bottles.

Well, apparently […]