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July 2020
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L.A. Girl - Idol

Has anyone else heard of this line of L.A. Girl polishes? They all had gold shimmer, and they were all gorgeous. I assume it’s newish because I found them at a random beauty supply that seemed to have other new stuff. The thing is that they were all awesome looking in the bottles, but […]


I’m so proud of myself this weekend! I added a ton of stuff to the wiki, including 5 collections I’d never heard of before and 14 polishes I didn’t know about! I also figured out how to add references and redirects. New polishes include The Rush, Winter Spice, That Look, Barefoot In The Park, […]

L.A. Girl - Punk

Here’s another very old swatch – eeeeew I hate the shape of my nails here!! The bottle shows sort of a duochrome polish, it’s blue and flashes purple, but on the nail, it’s pretty much just a (very pretty) blue shimmer.

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L.A. Girl - Alpine Green (matte)

I really thought I’d hate this, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a beautiful green, and it applied just like a normal nail polish! It went on extremely easily and smoothly. Took a tad bit longer to dry than other mattes, though, of course. Another thing I noticed, is that it doesn’t seem as […]

L.A. Girl Disco Brites - Dance Craze

I liked the way Dance Craze applied, it was thick but not too thick. 3 coats, probably could’ve stopped at 2. Really pretty color, I really like pinkish oranges like this. Dried quickly, too.

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