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July 2020
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Maybelline Denims

Jaded Blues, 3 coats.

This is like a foil that’s been sitting out in the sun for a while – it’s faded looking.

Stone Washed, 2 coats.

A much icier looking foil than Jaded Blues. Slightly brushstroke-y.

Blue Riders, 2 coats.

Is this not gorgeous? It’s all dusty […]

A Few Maybelline Denims

With my blue obsession, you’d think I’d have all of these, huh? Well sadly, you’d be wrong – I have only ever found 2 of these at my Dollar Trees.

Boot Leg, one coat.

This polish reminds me of those terrible Jordache jeans from the 90’s. You know, they were more purple than blue? […]

Maybelline - New Year's Blues

This is the last of Maybelline Week! I think soon I’ll need to do Finger Paints Week though, because I went on a Sally’s clearance spree today.

I’m lukewarm about this one. It’s gorgeous in the bottle and in the pictures but on the nail, the glitter doesn’t really show up. I also noticed […]

Maybelline - Ripe Plum

I’m surprised that I like Ripe Plum because of the foily metallic finish, but I really do. It’s a really pretty magenta color!

The pictures make it look like there are shimmer particles in the polish, but I think that’s just the light – the finish is smooth and foily, not shimmery.

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Maybelline - Blue Bops

THIS IS SO GORGEOUS! I adore this shade of blue, and the shimmery/fine glittery finish is awesome too.