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July 2020
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the last of my old swatches

Anddddd, I am caught up!

…except for the backlogged “new” swatches I have. Working on those next!

Zoya – Sally, 3 coats.

OK. I really, really hate this polish. It is a TERRIBLE color on me, and it’s so sheer, and it just looks like age-yellowed nails on me. GAG.

Zoya Gems & Jewels

Izzy, 2 coats.

When I got a mini bottle of Izzy in a Birchbox a while ago, I was sort of disappointed – of all the colors in this collection, this would’ve been the LAST one I’d have ever bought. But once I tried it on, it was lovvvvvvvve! I adore this polish, it’s […]

Some randoms

I got new storage for my b-day! 3 brand spankin’ new Melmers, which DOUBLES my storage space! Me and TCB put them together, and I must say, once we realized that we have an electric drill it went soooo fast. I swear, it took me 4 hours to put together my original 3 Melmers. […]

Zoya – Tangy

Ehhhhh. Tangy is a nice bright green color, and packed with shimmer, but it doesn’t excite me. I think I got rid of it in my blog sale a few months ago. 3 coats.

Zoya Mirrors collection

Zoaya’s Mirrors collection for Fall consists of 3 shimmery almost-metallics and 3 smooth, opaque glitters. Spoiler: it is really pretty awesome.

The polishes I referred to above as almost-metallics are just that – I wouldn’t classify them as shimmers, really, and they definitely lean metallic to me, but they’re really not […]