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July 2020
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OPI – Where’s My Bikini Top

Wearing this polish kicked off like 2 weeks straight of absolutely loving every polish I put on my nails. I found this at Ulta on clearance, and I have no idea what collection it’s even from because OPI is one of the few brands that I don’t pay much attention to, but it is […]

L.A. Girl – Urge and Uninhibited

Urge, 3 coats.

The Color Addict collection is another L.A. Girl collection (along with the Mattes) that I suspect I will eventually end up owning all of. They’re all bright colors with lots of soft golden shimmer. Love!

Uninhibited over Urge

And this is a polish type that I’ve seen done […]

Crackle Shatter (?) green

I got this polish at a dirty little beauty supply near me. It’s filled with rows upon rows of Sations and such, with a bunch of random weird brands and some super old Color Clubs. Anyway, there’s now a big section of crackle polishes from assorted brands, and this was one of them. I’m […]

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape and Pink Shatter

Gargantuan Green Grape, 3 coats.

Ew. Ew ew ew. This is just so sheer, and there’s barely any color payoff. Blah.

Pink Shatter, over Gargantuan Green Grape

A very nice crackle polish, though I’ve come to expect nothing less from OPI. Somewhat sheer, which I’ve also come to expect from most […]

China Glaze – Laser Lime and Ultamate Holiday

Laser Lime, 3 coats.

Laser Lime is from the slightly disappointing Tronica collection last year. They’re all quite nice polishes, but you know how nail polish people get – we hear the word holographic and start foaming at the mouth, so when the holo is as faint as in the Tronica polishes, it’s something […]