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July 2020
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Orly – Decades of Dysfunction

This looked so pretty when Jen wore it. On me it looks like I’ve been out digging potatoes all day. 3 coats.


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China Glaze – Sunset Sail

Sunset Sail, 4 coats.

OK, there is just something about these orange-y nude polishes that make me want to hurl, they look awful on me. Do they look good on anyone? This looks like I left my nails out in the sun for a month, with cigarettes between each finger. It’s awful.

April 23rd, 2012 | Tags: , , | Category: China Glaze, Nails, nude, shimmer | 2 comments

the last of my old swatches

Anddddd, I am caught up!

…except for the backlogged “new” swatches I have. Working on those next!

Zoya – Sally, 3 coats.

OK. I really, really hate this polish. It is a TERRIBLE color on me, and it’s so sheer, and it just looks like age-yellowed nails on me. GAG.

some super boring old China Glazes

How’s that for a posts title that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading, huh? I suck at promotion!

Rainy Days, 3 coats.

Cloud Burst, 3 coats.

White-Quik-Slvr, 4 coats.

Light Mist, 2 coats.

Jetstream, 3 coats.

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China Glaze – Knotty

I feel like this photographs better than it looks in real life. I don’t really like it. 3 coats.