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May 2020
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OPI Gargantuan Green Grape and Pink Shatter

Gargantuan Green Grape, 3 coats.

Ew. Ew ew ew. This is just so sheer, and there’s barely any color payoff. Blah.

Pink Shatter, over Gargantuan Green Grape

A very nice crackle polish, though I’ve come to expect nothing less from OPI. Somewhat sheer, which I’ve also come to expect from most […]

CND – Plum Truffle set

I’m sad to say that this is another of the CND Effects sets that fall a little flat for me. The Effect is nice, but the base is just so…boring. And I really wish the polishes had different names. Plum Truffle and Plum Truffle Sparkle? Lazy!

Plum Truffle, 2 coats.

As always, perfect formula, […]

Wet n Wild – Waves of Enchantment

Unbelievably gorgeous. Seriously, I can’t believe it. I wish now that I’d gotten the others in this little collection.It’s a coral-y pink foil/glitter, but the glitter shifts colors, and so you get all this insane gold sparkle. The color shift in this is amazing, really. It does look glittery, but removal isn’t made, which […]

China Glaze – Something Sweet

I’ve really never been able to like this polish. It’s just so…stark. And it makes my fingers look dirty, too. 3 coats.

And more China Glazes…

Emotion, 2 coats.

Pretty pink, nice foil. A winner! I understand why everyone loves stamping with the polishes from this collection now.

Papaya Punch, 3 coats.

Very bright and squishy, I like this a lot.

Go Crazy Red, unknown coats.

I got this in a big batch of […]