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July 2020
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China Glazes

Celtic Sun, 3 coats.

It looks like I drew on my nails with a highlighter.

Vertical Rush, 2 coats.

I can’t believe how much I love Vertical Rush. And only two coats!

Senorita Bonita, 3 coats.

Blue Iguana, 4 coats.

108 Degrees, […]

CND The Look: Fall/Winter 2011

Sooooooo…I love CND. I adore the Effects and I will continue to snap up each and every set they release (and I really hate that I decided against getting last year’s red glitter set), but I don’t really like this one very much. I think that the two base colors are boring […]

China Glaze Let It Snow collection

Well. I’m totally a fail blogger.

And I know your mama calls you good for nothin’ She says her baby is a failer and she don’t want you callin’

I love that song. Anyway, yeah, so I procrastinated  even swatching these for like a month, then finally got them swatched, WEEKS before Christmas, and […]

Dr’s Remedy Fall Fever collection

So, here’s the fall 2011 collection by Dr’s Remedy. The polishes apply really well, very smooth, but I have the same problem with these that I had with the last DR collection I tried – they’re just not exciting. Well, the blue’s kind of wonderful, but TWO reds?

Balance, 3 coats.

This leans really […]

China Glaze – Lubu Heels

I hated this polish when I first got it (too dark), but it’s since become one of my favorite polishes. I’ve worn it like 10 times now, and never managed to get a good picture of it! But this and Ruby Pumps are now the polishes I almost always reach for when I’m going […]